ENC will be your Genie
About ENC
Since the foundation in 2012, ENC Inc.
has been presenting the best products in the market through endless research and development. Taking a further step beyond specializing in mask products, ENC is now leading the world market as a total cosmetic company that spreads the excellence of K-beauty in the world.
Consulting system that provides from the formulation, preparing the raw materials, and production for the customized product for the buyer’s needs.

Consulting system that presents you the finished product by ENC designed formulation, design and, preparing raw materials.

E&C is innovative

Sheet Mask

Facial masks in various forms and types of sheets and packaging.

Single Use

Singe-use products in various forms of packaging such as pouch, stick, blister, etc.

Skin Care

Various basic skin care products and functional cosmetic products for maintaining healthy skin condition.


Hydrogel products including facial masks, facial patches and special care products.


ENC seeks simple and easy cosmetics


ENC always search for unusual and novelty products


ENC produce truly honest products with clean production facilities